Recovering long-term vegetation and environmental records in Andean ecosystems of Colombia

In June 2019, the BioResilience project palaeoecology team visited and sampled lakes from contrasting regions in terms of natural ecosystems and cultures. We crossed the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia from the lowland forests in the mid-Magdalena Valley to High Andean forest in the Cundiboyacense Plateau, covering an altitudinal transect from 200 to 3000 m asl. We travelled around 2300 km, exploring and sampling the lakes, but also participating in the socialization campaigns where the project introduction was successful.

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Disonancia Sugerida, experimento artístico en el espacio intermedio

Suggested Dissonance is an invitation to an artistic research process by sharing cross-sectional narratives to questions and encounters. This path will take us through the forest, the relational, the interdisciplinary, the sense of belonging, the notion of place, exchange and dialogue between different kinds of knowledge which are intertwined concepts in a space in between. This collective ritual offers the opportunity for participants to become active agents in this shared multisensory experience.

This event is part of the project “Colombia BioResilience: Biodiversity resilience and ecosystem services in post-conflict socio-ecological systems in Colombia”, an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Bristol and University of Exeter (United Kingdom), which has given the opportunity to the artist Seila Fernández Arconada to generate this research during her placement at the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute (Colombia).


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