Project Members

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Professor Fiona Charnley

Principal Investigator

Professor Fiona Charnley PI (FC) is a Associate Professor of Circular Economy within The Exeter Centre for Circular Economy (ECCE) at the University of Exeter. Fiona has worked and published within the field of design and manufacture for a CE since completing her PhD in Whole System Design. She leads the feasibility study ‘Circular 4.0: Digital Intelligence to Enable a Circular Economy’ funded by the EPSRC Network Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age. She is also Co-I on the EPSRC Sandpit funded project Manufacturing Immortality (EP/R020957/1) and Small is Beautiful (EP/M013863/1) and has recently completed the EPSRC-ESRC funded Network for Consumer Goods, Big Data and Re Distributed Manufacturing (RECODE, EP/M017567/1), as PI, consisting of five universities and over 15 industry partners, investigating the role of big data in redistributed manufacturing. Fiona is particularly interested in the acquisition and analysis of different types of data to inform opportunities for circular innovation. She has collaborated with multiple organisations of varying sizes across industry sectors to implement design for a CE resulting in significant advances in transformational and closed loop models of design and manufacture.

Dr Mariale Moreno


Dr Mariale Moreno Co-I (MM) is a Senior Lecturer in Circular Economy within The Exeter Centre for Circular Economy (ECCE) at the University of Exeter. Her research interest lies in implementing qualitative approaches and data analytics to create commercial opportunities and value creation within the Circular Economy. Mariale has specialised in using and refining a mixed method approach to interpret and analyse consumer data from digital and ethnographic sources to enable innovation. Mariale was the lead researcher on the RECODE Network (EP/M017567/1) and collaborates on the feasibility study ‘Circular 4.0: Digital Intelligence to Enable a Circular Economy’. She has secured funding from Innovate UK for ‘Networking Value for Armadillo’ project (132071) looking at the development of circular business models. In addition, she has collaborated on industrially funded research projects with organisations including Royal Mail, DS Smith, Walmart, Cisco and Philips.

Ashutosh Tiwari

Professor Ashutosh Tiwari


Prof Ashutosh Tiwari Co-I (AT) (CEng, FIMechE, FIET) is Airbus / RAEng Research Chair in Digitisation for Manufacturing at the University of Sheffield. His research focuses on digitisation, simulation modelling and optimisation of manufacturing processes using live data streams. He has a strong research track record as PI on 8 EPSRC projects, 4 Innovate UK projects, an AMSCI project, 3 projects funded by EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing and 5 KTP projects. He currently holds an EPSRC High Value Manufacturing Catapult Fellowship and is a co-investigator of the EPSRC Platform Grant on Through-life Performance (EP/P027121/1). His recent research as PI in EPSRC Zero Prototyping project (EP/M506813/1) has developed novel techniques for live feedback of sensor data from a manufacturing system to update factory simulation models in realtime. As part of the EPSRC EXHUME project (EP/K026348/1), he has modelled heterogeneous waste flows within both the factory and the manufacturing system. He has produced 295 research publications and has secured around £6M of research funding as PI.

Inaki Esnaola

Dr Iñaki Esnaola


Dr Iñaki Esnaola Co-I (IE) is a Lecturer in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield and a Visiting Researcher at Princeton University. In 2011, he obtained a PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Delaware and was a research intern during the last year of his doctoral studies at Bell Laboratories, Crawford Hill, where his work in wireless communications led to the award of a US patent. From 2011 to 2013, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University where he worked on cybersecurity and mismatched estimation. His research interests lie in the intersection of information theory, mathematical statistics and signal processing with particular emphasis on the application to the smart grid and cybersecurity. He is the cybersecurity area editor for the upcoming IET Smart Grid Journal and was on the organising committee of the 2016 IEEE Information Theory Workshop.

Dr Okechukwu Okorie

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lead Researcher

Sun Ke

Dr Sun Ke

Postdoctoral Research Associate