Registration is currently open. You will need to create an account on the University of Exeter store in order to register. The workshop registration link is here.

There areĀ  5 types of registration. The vast majority of attendees (including students) will fall into the first category which is “Standard registration”. If you work for the Met Office, are an invited speaker or on the organising committee then you have different categories to register under.

Are you experiencing difficulties paying?

If you are having problems paying for registration, please first try these suggestions. If this does not fix your problem, please contact the online store directly. If you have contacted the online store directly, please email theĀ  organising committee to let them know the ID of your inquiry (you will be emailed to you by the online store). We can then follow up and ensure this is resolved faster.

Not sure if you registered?

When you register you will be sent a confirmation email. If you’re not sure if you have successfully registered you can contact to organising committee to clarify.