1. The Classical Dragon

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  1. Typhon, Slain by Zeus
  2. Python, Slain by Apollo
  3. Baby Heracles and the Dragon-pair Sent by Hera
  4. The Hydra
  5. Ladon, the Dragon of the Hesperides
  6. Cerberus, the Hound of Hades
  7. The Chimaera, Slain by Bellerophon
  8. Medusa, Slain by Perseus
  9. Lamia, Slain by Eurybatus and Others
  10. The Dragon of Ares, Slain by Cadmus
  11. The Dragon of Nemea, Slain by the Seven against Thebes
  12. The Dragon of Colchis, Slain or Put to Sleep by Jason and Medea
  13. The Dragon-pair Sent against Laocoon and his Sons
  14. The Dragon of the River Bagrada, Slain by Regulus and his Army
  15. Some Unique Narratives in Later Greek Sources


  1. The Sea-monster of Troy, Slain by Heracles
  2. The Sea-Serpent of Ethiopia, Slain by Perseus
  3. Scylla, Slain by Heracles and Encountered by Odysseus