About us

The Relational Health Research Group works with schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces to create the conditions for health and reduce health inequalities.

We have developed a relational approach to understanding the barriers to health and wellbeing, co-creating ways of addressing these issues as well as evaluating their impact.

What is our relational approach?

  • Our ethos is to ‘work with’ people rather than ‘do to’ or research ‘on’
  • To involve people whose lives are affected by the issues as partners throughout the research process
  • We aim to understand the nature of the relations within each setting to identify local barriers to health and wellbeing rather than focusing on trying to affect an individual’s way of being or individual behaviours in isolation
  • We use our transformative engagement approach to support the identification of and co-creation of local partnerships to address the barriers to health and wellbeing
  • We use evaluative approaches which appreciate the complexity of the ‘system’ from which the issues arise