Parental Engagement in Learning (2017-2018)


To carry out a systematic Review into a) the association between parental involvement in learning and attainment and associated outcomes and b) the effectiveness of school-based interventions aimed at improving parents’ involvement in their child’s learning on attainment and associated outcomes. To ascertain what schools in England are currently doing to engage and involve parents across the socio-economic spectrum.


Funded by

Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)



Van Poortvliet M, Axford N, Lloyd J. Working with parents to support children’s learning Guidance Report. Education Endowment Foundation; London 2018.

Axford N, Berry V, Lloyd J, Moore D, Rogers M, Hurst A, Blockley K, Durkin H, Minton J. How can schools and early year’s settings support parents’ engagement in their children’s learning. Education Endowment Foundation; London, 2019.


For more information contact: Dr Jenny Lloyd