Healthy New Towns Programme (Cranbrook)



To work with the Healthy New Town executive group, Town Council, Cranbrook schools and other community partners to develop research around the promotion health and wellbeing across the life course.


Brief description of the work

Cranbrook is the fastest-growing town in the South West and the current population is unlike any other in Devon, with a young population and different demands for health and care now and in the future. The Healthy New Towns programme is helping to create an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles using innovative approaches to planning, community engagement and models of health and care service delivery.

There are three main priority workstreams:

  1. Developing a new model of care including promoting health and wellbeing through intelligence, digital and
    The Tour of Britain Stage 2 setting off from Cranbrook in September 2018

    contracting expertise.

  2. Maximising the benefits of the built environment to promote health and wellbeing using primary care and community estate.
  3. Engaging with the Cranbrook community to promote health and wellbeing across the life course.

We are working closely with PH Devon and the Healthy New Town executive team to support workstream 3, providing expertise in developing the logic model and associated evaluation plan for Cranbrook’s Mental Health strategy.



Public Health Devon, Action for Children, Action East Devon, CoLab, St Martin’s primary school, Cranbrook Education Campus, Active Devon


For more information contact: Dr Jenny Lloyd