Exploring Inequalities in End of Life Care

Lorraine Hansford’s fellowship at the Wellcome Centre is focussing on inequalities in access to end of life care, using narrative approaches to advance understanding of the ways in which end of life care services may be failing to meet the needs of those living on a very low income. The research will explore the notion of ‘a good death’, working in partnership with community organisations, health practitioners and those with lived experience to sensitively explore the ways that individuals talk about and experience terminal illness and dying.

By critically analysing issues of class and culture in relation to death, the project aims to understand the ways in which fear, stigma and trust impact on communication and relations (between patients, carers, families, social networks, healthcare professionals and organisations) and the impact of illness and bereavement on identity within social networks. It will explore possibilities for new ways of introducing and talking about death within communities which can transform understanding, awareness and access to end of life care.

This research is supporting ongoing work for the Lancet Commission ‘Value of Death’.

For more information contact: Lorraine Hansford