We have a programme of work with primary and secondary schools taking a whole school approach to developing health promoting environments to support children’s physical and emotional wellbeing and parental engagement.

  • Healthy New Towns programme (Cranbrook) – Working with schools in a healthy new town to support pupil mental health and wellbeing
  • HeLP – Development and Evaluation of a healthy lifestyles programme for primary school children
  • Parental Engagement in Learning – Understanding ways to support parental engagement in learning. We have a programme of work with local, regional and global communities which seeks to engage communities of interest, practice and place to understand the facilitators and barrier to health and reduce health inequalities.
  • Young Person Advisory Group (YPAG) – creating the conditions for meaningful youth involvement in child health research
  • Young Person’s Lifestyle Project – Supporting secondary schools to develop health promoting processes for healthy lifestyle choices



  • C2 – A transformative community engagement programme which creates the conditions within neighbourhoods for addressing inequalities and  creating health and wellbeing
  • Capturing Relational Networks – Working with communities in Stoke on Trent and Dartmouth to understand how the quality of relations change through the C2 process, using a social network mapping approach to create relational neighbourhood maps
  • Community Champions Supporting Health – Developing a community platform to support champions to engage and deliver Public Health messages within communities
  • DeSTRESS – Understanding and responding to mental distress in low income communities
  • Exploring inequalities in end of life care -Developing a programme of work to understand ways of engaging low income communities in end of life care – Lancet Commission on the Value of Death
  • TR14ers – A peer-led dance group which transforms lives through dance



We are developing a programme of work to support the creation of health promoting workplaces.

  • Care Under Pressure – Understanding the causes of mental ill-health in doctors, across specialities and career stages and make informed recommendations
  • Healthy NHS Workplaces
  • Inclusivity – Lifelong inclusive growth in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly focussing on the recruitment and retention of older workers and those with disabilities