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Discover what you can do you start THINKING, FEELING and ACTING more sustainably in relation to the clothes you wear.

Here in the UK we consume over a million tonnes of clothes per year  (WRAP 2017)


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our online workshop packs and start learning new skills at home

S4S isn’t just about the people directly involved in the project, it’s also about YOU.  Fancy picking up a pair of knitting needle but aren’t sure where to start? Perhaps you’d like patch up a hole in those comfortable jeans you’ve had since 2000? Curious about the journey wool goes on from sheep to sweater? Browse through our downloadable resource packs and join us in learning more about making, mending, and altering what you wear.



What’s in your wardrobe

We are interested in finding what these 1 million clothes  consumed per year are and more importantly what they mean to the people who buy them.  At the start of the project we thoroughly audited the wardrobes of each of our participants to see exactly clothes they owned and how they felt about them. Now your turn, help us find out more about what people wear by auditing your own wardrobe with our simple online survey.



what you are wearing today

If you’re unable to fill in our wardrobe survey but would still like to contribute to our clothing research why not email us a photo of what you are wearing today and contribute to our online snapshot of what people are wearing.

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