The Cornwall Workshops


Fluff-2-Fibre  Towards Zero Waste  Make-Do-And-Mend  Second-Hand & Ethical

The Cornwall group has embarked on a series of workshops that have aimed to introduce our participants to the full spectrum of textile based processes involved in producing clothing. Of course this has been pared back to a micro ‘hands-on’ scale as we don’t have the industrial facilities to utilise but we have certainly managed to achieve  a wonderful ‘artisanal’ journey of creative skills sharing. Each of the four workshop series has unfolded to demonstrate key elements of production – be it yarn, colour, cloth or stitch and it is proving to have a profound impact on the way our participants THINK, FEEL and ACT in relation to consuming clothing. Find out more about their own personal experiences on our blog page.

The first workshop series maps how one type of fibre, namely wool, makes the transition from raw state fleece to woven cloth. Find out more at  Fluff-2-Fibre.

The second workshop series explores all manner of construction and deconstruction through the fine art of knitting and crochet.  See how this is achieved at  Towards Zero Waste.

The third workshop series focuses on embellishing, repairing and re-working old garments through appliqué and stitch. Learn about this at  Make-Do-And-Mend.

The fourth workshop series is engages with ethical clothing choices and how to maximise the use of used clothing through up-cycling. Follow this at  Second-Hand & Ethical.