1st Day: 6th of December – Reed Hall, Exeter University Streatham Campus

9.15-9.30: Registration

9.30.-9.40: Opening Remarks


1st Panel: Simple Moving Devices

 Chair: Lynette Mitchell

9.40-10.20: Deborah T. Steiner (Columbia), The Sorcerers’ Apprentices: cauldrons, bellows and the furnace in the early Greek imaginary

10.20-11.00: Carol C. Mattusch (George Mason University), Dead or Alive? Giving Life to Bronze

11.00-11.40: Richard Seaford (Exeter), The Living Image: Mesopotamia and Archaic Greece

11.40-12.10: Coffee/Tea Break

 Chair: Barbara Borg

12.10-12.50: Maya B. Muratov (Adelphi University and the Metropolitan Museum of Art), From “dolls” to puppets: mechanisms and purpose of articulated figurines in antiquity

12.50-13.30: Jane Draycott (Glasgow), Living Dolls: Articulation, Animation, and Prostheses

13.30-14.10: Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis (St Andrews), Votive toys: animation and value

14.10-15:10: Lunch Break


2nd Panel: Naturally Moving Devices

 Chair: Rebecca Langlands

15.10-15.50: Maria Gerolemou (Exeter), Ἡφαιστότευκτα

15.50-16.30: Jean De Groot (CUA), Imitation and life: Device in the fifth to fourth century

16.30-17.00: Coffee/Tea Break

Chair: Christopher Gill

17.00-17:40: Colin A. Webster (UC Davis), Aristotle and the Artifice of the Living Heart

17.40-18.20: Gabriele Galluzzo (Exeter), Automatic puppets, toy carts and robots. Aristotle’s metaphysics of artefacts and the question of automata


19.00: Dinner



2nd Day: 7th of December – Forum Exploration Lab 2, Forum Building, Exeter University Streatham Campus

3rd Panel: Mechanical Devices

 Part One: The scientific presentation of mechanical motion

 Chair: Irene Salvo

10.00-10.40: Arthur Harris (Cambridge), Does Mechanics Violate the Principle of Non-Contradiction?

10.40-11.20: SeungJung Kim (Toronto), Visualising time: The Lysippan Kairos in the scientific landscape of the fourth century BCE

11.20-12.00: Isabel Ruffell (Glasgow), Trains and boats and planes: animating the ship in Greek culture

12.00-12.30: Coffee/Tea Break

Chair: David Braund

12.30-13.10: Tatiana Bur (Cambridge), The importance of the construct in viewing religious automata

13.10-13.50: Courtney Ann Roby (Cornell), Strange loops: experiment and program in Hero of Alexandria’s Automata

13.50-14.50: Lunch Break


 Part 2: The literary representation of mechanical motion

Chair: John Wilkins

14.50-15.30: Ruth Bielfeldt (Munich), Carpe! The Unmaking and making of food-images in the Cena Trimalchionis

15.30-16.10: Antje B. Wessels (Leiden), (Living) Objects and their Aesthetic Experience in Petronius Satyricon

16.10-16.40: Coffee/Tea Break

Chair: Richard Flower

16.40-17.20: Karen ní Mheallaigh (Exeter), Mesomedes’ clock: technical animation and the choreography of the quotidian

17.20-18.00: Dunstan Lowe (Kent), Half Past Wonder: Automaton Clocks in Late Antique Folklore

18.00-18.20: Break

Chair: Maria Gerolemou

18.20-19.00, Sonya Nevin (Roehampton), Animating Artefacts: The Panoply Vase Animation Project


19.00-19.10, Closing Remarks


20.00, Drinks and Dinner