Office Hours

University of Exeter Tropical Forest Module at the Eden Project taught by Dr Ted Feldpausch. Photo credit: Ted Feldpausch

Note that my office hours may change weekly. Please check for updates on the teaching page here.


I am available to supervise highly motivated, knowledgeable postgraduate research students on both basic science and applied projects related to my areas of research.

International students

UK and EU students


Internships and dissertation research scholarship: Royal Forestry Society

Potential research projects

There are many exciting options for under- and post-graduate research projects that could make use of techniques learned in Geography modules and analyze data collected over the years by my research group. See the Research page for more info about potential projects and contact Ted Feldpausch to discuss ideas.

Modules taught at Exeter

  • GEO1210 Investigating Physical Geography
  • GEO2307 Physical Geography Fieldtrip (Brazil Atlantic Forest)
  • GEO2309 Physical Geography Practical
  • GEO2330 Research Methods for Physical Geography
  • GEO2331 Research Design in Physical Geography
  • GEO2226 Biogeography and Ecosystems
  • GEO3321/22 BSc Dissertation
  • GEO3230 Tropical Forests in a Changing World

Previous Modules

  • GEOM410 Key Themes in Climate Change Impacts and Feedbacks
  • GEOM411 Research Methods in Climate Change

International Teaching

  • Tropical Forest Management, Tropical Forest Science Post-graduate Program, National Institute of Amazonian Research, INPA, Brazil (co-taught with Prof. Niro Higuchi)
  • Tropical Forest Ecology, Tropical Ecology and Conservation Post-graduate Program, University of Mato Grosso State, UNEMAT, Brazil (co-taught with Prof. Ben Hur Marimon)

Exeter Carbon Observatory

As part of my teaching on the carbon cycle and biogeography, I use the Exeter Carbon Observatory.

Postgraduate Examiner

  • Amy C. Bennett, PhD, 2020, Univ of Leeds, Impact of the 2015-2016 El Niño on tropical forests
  • Manoela Mollinari, PhD, 2019, Univ of Sheffield, Fire in the Amazon forest amidst selective logging and climate variation
  • Andrew Cox, MSc, 2019, Univ of Exeter, Protected Area Performance in the Dry Forests and Savannahs of West Africa: a Study using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (internal examiner)
  • Michelle Kalamandeen, PhD, 2018, Univ of Leeds, Forest Loss Dynamics and Impacts from Gold Mining in Amazonia
  • Edmar Oliveira, PhD, 2018, UNEMAT-Brazil
  • Ike Felix, PhD, 2015, Univ of Exeter, Evaluation of the impact of climate and human-induced changes on the Nigerian forest using remote sensing
  • Regiane Lima Roberto, MSc, 2014, UNEMAT-Brazil
  • Bianca de Oliveira, MSc, 2014, UNEMAT-Brazil