Office Hours

University of Exeter Tropical Forest Module at the Eden Project taught by Dr Ted Feldpausch. Photo credit: Ted Feldpausch

Note that my office hours may change weekly. Please check for updates.

  • Tues, Thursday, 13.00-14.00


I am available to supervise highly motivated, knowledgeable postgraduate research students on both basic science and applied projects related to my areas of research.


Internships and dissertation research scholarship:

Modules taught

  • GEO1210 Investigating Physical Geography
  • GEO2307 Physical Geography Fieldtrip (Brazil Atlantic Forest)
  • GEO2309 Physical Geography Practical
  • GEO2330 Research Methods for Physical Geography
  • GEO2331 Research Design in Physical Geography
  • GEO2226 Biogeography and Ecosystems
  • GEO3321/22 BSc Dissertation
  • GEO3230 Tropical Forests in a Changing World

Previous Modules

  • GEOM410 Key Themes in Climate Change Impacts and Feedbacks
  • GEOM411 Research Methods in Climate Change

Exeter Carbon Observatory

As part of my teaching on the carbon cycle and biogeography, I use the Exeter Carbon Observatory.