This PhD project aims to facilitate further insight into how training of Immigration Judges impacts on the practice of adjudicating asylum.

As Immigration Judges hear high numbers of appeals of initial asylum decisions, it has been recognised that training may have an increasingly important role in supporting judges to determine asylum efficiently. So the question ‘what is the most efficient way to provide the best possible training service to the (immigration) judiciary?’ seems especially relevant at this time.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. Take stock of current contents and modalities of training related to asylum adjudication.
  2. Explore how asylum-related training supports judges in navigating the field’s complexity.
  3. Establish the most useful and accessible features of (live) e-learning/ training for judges.

The purpose of this Website is to provide potential participants with the information they need to decide whether they would like to participate in the research.

Find out more about why you might wish to be involved, what is involved, how your data would be used and protected, and who the researcher is.

If any questions or queries are left unanswered, or if you have any comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.