Interviews would take place at a time and by a means convenient to you. We would discuss questions which you could see in advance (an outline of topics can be found here). You would not be asked to comment on the merits of government policy or on individual cases.

You would be invited to choose a means of remote interview participation in place of/ in addition to face-to-face interviews, in order to account for restrictions related to Covid-19:

  1. Online: You would receive an e-mail invitation with a link to a web application – you would be invited to choose between MS Skype for Business, MS Teams, or Zoom.
  2. Via telephone: I would call you on a number provided by you, using a dedicated SIM-card and mobile phone. We would agree a code word for caller identity verification.
  3. Via e-mail: We would communicate using your and my professional e-mail accounts.

Online/ telephone interviews would take a maximum of 60 minutes. E-mail interviews could span several days as you would have the opportunity to reply to emailed questions at a time convenient to you. Research would be carried out between 01/2021 and 06/2021.

With your permission, the online/ telephone interview would be audio-recorded so as to facilitate subsequent production of a written record of the conversation; in the case of e-mail interviews the body of the e-mails would constitute such a ‘transcript’.

Your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw from the interview at any time without giving a reason, and without any adverse consequences.