If Covid-19-related restrictions allow and if permission is granted by the lead training judge/ course tutor I would join a face-to-face or remotely join an online/ virtual training session. My presence would be made known to you through the course convener and/ or myself. I would not participate in the training. I would take notes that I would record in an observation grid (spreadsheet) for analysis. No personal identifying information about you would be recorded.

I would have obtained informed consent from the course convener prior to joining the training session, but if you do not wish for the observation to go ahead, you can register to opt-out by:

  1. Letting the course convenor know in advance/ at the start of the course; or
  2. Emailing me on l.scheinert[@]exeter.ac.uk; or
  3. Typing “opt out” in the chat-function of the remote tool used (where applicable).

Observation will be terminated as soon as one opt-out option is used.