Future Events

All of our events are currently on Teams.  Recently we have had a number of people reach out asking if we will be recording an upcoming session. We do not record any of our events. Our motivation for not recording our events is that we want to create an open forum for discussion without compromising how we express ourselves for fear of a recording being publicly available.

For each WiC event, we send out an email a few days before with the Teams link so you can join in the discussion. If you would like to sign-up to our mailing list please contact one of our organisers (see here for list of organisers).

We also host regular shut-up-and write sessions. To find out more about the shut-up-and-write sessions or for instructions on how to sign up continue reading here. Upcoming shut-up-and-write can be found in our calendar here.

Friday 01 October 2021

Theme: Dr Kate Marvel: Climate, Clouds and Communication

Time: 16:00- 17:30

Dr Kate Marvel is a high profile physicist and climate scientist who, whilst building a research career in climate science, became a well-known climate communicator through various writings, a TED talk and outreach on Twitter. Kate’s career has so far spanned researching policy relevant science issues at Stanford, wind power at the Carnegie Institute, fingerprinting the human influence in precipitation change at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and climate forcings and feedbacks at Columbia University and NASA GISS. Most recently, Kate teaches Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change at Columbia University. Kate’s communication efforts started with a blog, but have included high profile writing in Scientific America and the book/project ‘All We Can Save’ as well as high profile interviews with Time magazine, the New York Times and Rolling Stone magazine. Kate gave a TED Talk on clouds and climate change in 2017 which has had over 1.3 million views.

We are delighted that Kate will join us to talk about her work and journey in science and climate communication. After a short talk from Kate, the main part of the meeting will be composed of an interview with a Women in Climate host for which we will invite submissions for questions in advance of the meeting.

Please submit your questions for the meeting here. 

Sign up for the event here.

Friday 05 November 2021

Theme: Leadership in the male dominated field of Data Science

Time: 10:00-11:30

Dr Kirstine Dale is the Met Office’s Principal Fellow for Data Science and Co-Director for the Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence between the Met Office and the University of Exeter. With a strong, multidisciplinary background across natural and social sciences, and vocational training in project, programme and research management, she leads the strategy of the group in areas covering R&D, Infrastructure Development, Capability Building, and Research Applications. As Principal Fellow, Kirstine plays a leading role in shaping the future of Data Science (including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) in the Met Office.  In addition, she leads the Met Office’s Science Partnerships Team.

December 2021

In person event, dinner and drinks – Covid restrictions permitting

Friday 07 January 2022

Theme: Book Club – ‘Why men win at work: … and how we can make inequality history’

Time: 16:00-17:00

In January we will be meeting to discuss ‘Why men win at work:… and how we can make inequality history’  by Gill Whitty-Collins. This book looks beyond the facts and figures of gender bias in the workplace and studies the psychology of gender inequality. Described as “…an almighty set of recommendations.”, Sunday Times Magazine and “A must read for everyone working for a big corporation…” Lorraine Candy, author. The discussion will assume that most people have had a chance to start (and hopefully finish!) reading the book. Find the book online here, or try out an Exeter independent here!