Following our successful writing workshop and follow up shut-up-write sessions, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting fortnightly shut-up-and-write sessions. We are really please that so many of you are enjoying the community and accountability that these sessions provide.

Have you heard about shut-up-and-write sessions before? Have you used the pomodoro approach before? If you answered no to either of these then continue reading here.

All of these events will be on zoom. If you would like to participate, please contact Penny to be added to the email list.

Calendar of upcoming shut-up-and-write events

All of our events will start with a 15 minute catch up. So for a 13:15 meeting, we will promptly startΒ  at 13:30.

  • Friday 25 September 13:15-15:30
  • Friday 09 October 13:15-15:30
  • Friday 23 October 13:15-15:30
  • Friday 13 November 13:15-15:30
  • Friday 27 November 13:15-15:30
  • Friday 11 December 13:15-15:30


  • Can I leave early or start late? Yes. Please feel free to turn up late or leave early to these sessions. We want to be flexible. Most people come for the two hour block but do what works for you.
  • Will the sessions finish promptly? Not in general. Some of the sessions will continue on past 15:30 if people want to keep working. If you want to leave, please feel free to. If there is a session on, feel free to write a good-bye in the chat or simply leave the meeting.
  • Do I need to prepare my writing for the meeting? Depends. If you have a plan for what you want to write, this will make the first session more productive. You could also choose to make the first session a planning one, where you can lay out how to structure what you plan to write. If you come with a little planning you will find the sessions more productive. But if planning is not your think, then do what works for you.
  • Can I come if I am not currently working on a writing task? Yes! If you’re not currently writing/editing and you want to code or read a paper then please do. The sessions are not just about writing.
  • If I am on a roll, do I need to stop for a break when the 25 minute session is over? No. We will assume you’re on a roll and will join back in when you are ready. Good for you!

We are on a roll …

Our shup-up-and-write sessions are going really well. Here are dates from our previous sessions.

2020 dates

We started the shut-up-and-writes sessions as part of the climate writing workshops on 9-10 July. Our regular sessions then followed: 21 & 27 August, and 11 September.