This week’s blog is written by Victoria Dyzcka one of our Student Ambassadors and provides an insight into choosing accommodation and living in one of our off-campus residences.

Choosing your accommodation is one of the biggest decisions you need to make while studying at the university, so make sure you choose right! Either you just started studying or you are a student who wonders where to live next year, you may consider many options that the University of Exeter has to offer. After living for over one year in a self-catered King Edward Court accommodation, I will gladly share my experience and what I have learned throughout this time.

Self-catered or Catered?
One of the first decision you need to make is whether you prefer a catered or self-catered accommodation. Well, in the end I chose the latter and there are a few reasons why. The major one is that it is you who decides what and when to eat. It is especially helpful for people who are on any kind of diets, have specific preferences regarding food or are just extremely picky (as I am). However, you need to keep in mind that you will be required to go shopping every so often and come up daily with new meal ideas. It may sound a bit tedious at first, but it gives you an important lesson for the future as you will become more independent. When I came to the university, I could not cook at all. My family often made jokes that I’m even capable of burning water. However, after one year I make the best pasta, salads and Victoria sponge cake.

Additionally, you have the freedom of choice as not only what to eat but also when to eat. If you want to eat late breakfast or early dinner you can do, without worrying how long the dinner or breakfast is served. However, if you do not feel like cooking on particular day you can still go for meals at the University.

My residence
Now I want to share some insight about living in King Edward Court. It is quite a spacious accommodation with two rooms – one bedroom and one living room (or studying room), bathroom, hallway and roomy kitchen. However, most importantly, it is all for you! You do not need to share your space with anyone, you do not need to worry about making too much noise and disrupting someone while they study. It is especially useful for people with “noise-making” hobbies as streaming, playing video games or any kind of musical instruments. Another considerable benefit of living in King Edward Court is that you have the freedom to plan your room whatever you like. You can store items as PC, piano or TV and there is no need to worry whether it will get into someone’s way. Moreover, you can be sure that your items will be in the same place as you left them. Whilst the number of flats are limited at King Edward Court you can get a similar independent living experience in the studios offered by the University at Birks Grange Village, Lafrowda and Rowancroft.

King Edward Court accommodation is located close to the university, city centre, stores and the beautiful river Exe. It roughly takes me a 10 minutes’ walk to get to the University, 15 minutes’ walk to the city centre and 2 minutes’ walk to the University Store. Other accommodation in a similar location are Cook and Llewellyn Mews; St David’s and Point Exe.

Residence Reception
Something that I find particularly helpful about living in King Edward Court is the reception. When your order something of Amazon or any other site, you can address it to the reception and they will make sure that it will be delivered to the right person. You no longer need to sit at home all day wondering when the items will arrive, but let the reception handle it.

Accommodation Helen