As we are fast approaching our Accommodation Guarantee deadline of 31 July, we wanted to take the opportunity to answer a few more questions for you. You can also refer back to the advice shared in last week’s blog to help with any other queries you might have. This week we are answering some more FAQ’s about your accommodation applications.

Our Accommodation Guarantee – nearly there!
The deadline for our Accommodation Guarantee ends on Wednesday 31 July 2019. We would therefore encourage students who fall within our guarantee to have submitted your application on or before this date in order to be covered.

At present, there are around 120 applications which have been ‘saved but not submitted’. Your application needs to show as ‘submitted’ in order to be received by the Accommodation Office. You can track your application on our website to see an update on the status of this. We send an email to everyone who has submitted an application confirming that it has been received, so please double-check that yours is submitted. We have shared further information about this in our ‘how to submit an application for accommodation’ video.

If you are applying from Thursday 1 August onwards then you will no longer be covered by our guarantee and the way in which your application is processed is different. Please take a look at our website for more information this.

We are just finalising our information in readiness for our online eInduction and Arrivals system going live. This will be available during early August and we will notify those of you who have accepted offers of accommodation by email once these are live. We have created ‘how to videos’ about booking an arrival time and also completing our online eInduction, so if any of you are eager to see what information you require, then take a look at these for information:

Arrivals Weekend takes place on 14-15 September. Find out more on our dedicated Arrivals and Freshers’ webpage.

An example of accommodation
If you would like to watch a video tour of a Birks Grange Village en-suite room with you, please view this link. These rooms are exactly the same in style as our Lafrowda and Duryard en-suite rooms. The video answers your questions about:

– Arrivals
– How we allocate rooms
– When you are likely to hear
– If you will find out who you are living with
– Whether you can move rooms*
– What happens if you are arriving early

*Please also see our recent blog post regarding room offers which covers this further

Your student ID number
You need your student ID number in order to apply for accommodation. This is different from your UCAS number. For those of you joining us in 2019/20 you will have been provided with a nine digit number starting with a 68 or 69. This will be quoted in the information sent by the University after you firmly accepted our offer of academic place.

Please add to your safe contacts, particularly if you are using an @hotmail or @live email address, so our emails don’t go to your junk/spam folder.

If you have any questions from today’s blog post, please contact us.

Wishing you a great week!

Accommodation Priscilla