The results of the recent bird survey are in.  The Grounds Department commission two surveys a year which are undertaken by an independent twice a year to document the number and species of birds found on campus.  This enables us to track the impact of any works being undertaken.  The surveys are taken on two dates, one early in the season, one later on.

As in previous surveys, the Wood Pigeon proved to be our most common bird on Streatham campus:  The top 5 birds were as follows:

1: Wood pigeon
2: Robin
3: Blackbird
4: Blue tit
5: Carrion Crow

There were a number of red and amber listed birds observed on campus:

Redwings were found on both visits, although in much greater number earlier in the season.

Song Thrush were found widely distributed over campus.

Bullfinch numbers were much higher than 13/14.

The secretive Dunnock was found in reasonable numbers on both visits.

A Grey Heron was seen for the first time on campus (you heard about it on Budding News first, of course!)  Also, since the bird survey was taken, a Kingfisher has been spotted on campus.

The majority of the birds are found on the outer edges of campus and in our woodland areas.

The survey is also taken at St. Luke’s, although due to the size of the campus, many fewer birds are observed.  The most common birds sighted over there included Herring Gull, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Robin and Goldfinch.