Alice, Holly, Sam and Christine
Alice, Holly, Sam and Christine

A new project is under way on Streatham Campus to help boost the bee population.  The Plan Bee project hopes aims to raise awareness of bee populations on campus through monitoring, communications, building small scale bee sanctuaries and planting more ‘bee-friendly’ plants.

Plan Bee, lead by Holly Dowles, a 3rd year student, alongside Christine Soper, Sustainability Co-ordinator for Psychology (Washington Singer), the Student Green Unit and the Grounds Team’s Central Estate team have recently created two new wildflower areas near Washington Singer and South Piazza ponds.

Holly Is hoping that if the areas are big enough, they would be eligible for ‘Bee World’ status through Friends of the Earth, making the space nationally recognised for supporting Bee and other insects.

Holly and Alice
Holly and Alice – Bee Saving Superheroes.