The Grounds Team are committed to continuously improve our sustainable ways of working and to move away from using fossil fuels. In line with this practice, we have recently invested in purchasing some electric remote controlled mowers.

These mowers are beneficial for several reasons:

Safety – the remote control feature makes it a safer option than traditional mowers. The user can operate the mower from a distance and it can be used to efficiently and safely cut banks and steep areas of grass, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur when using a traditional mower. The remote control feature also removes the hazard of hand arm vibration exposure which is a serious health and safety concern.

Environmentally Friendly – it is an electric mower, so reduces our usage of fossil fuels. It produces no harmful pollutant emissions and the batteries can be easily and quickly recharged.

Ease of Use – the remote control feature allows the user to mow the lawn without physical exertion, making it easier and safer for individuals.

Efficient – the electric mower is quicker and faster than traditional mowers. It provides constant cutting power, which can lead to a consistent looking lawn.

Cost Effective – the operating costs are much lower than traditional mowers; they require less maintenance and are cheaper to operate.

Noise Reduction – the electric mower is far quieter than traditional mowers, reducing noise pollution on our grounds.