Presenter Info

Recording Presentations

We will be recording all presentations during the workshop and making these available on this website after the conference. If you do NOT wish to have your talk made public then please email the organising committee (see our contact page).

Video Conferencing

We are attempting to offer video conferencing for a small number of people. We can’t guarantee everyone will be able to join in remotely. Please email us (see our contact page) to express your interest videoing in.

Information for talks

All talks are 20 minutes (15 with 5 for Q) with the exception that invited talks are 35 minutes (25 with 10 for Q).

The Met Office screen aspect ratio is 16:9. Feel free to use your favourite ratio or update to suit the screen dimension.

All talks should be upload before their session. Talks can be uploaded via a USB stick (preferred) or via email:

Information for posters

Posters should be A0 portrait. All posters will be displayed for the duration of the workshop and formal poster viewing times can be found on the schedule page. All posters will be up for the full week. We ask all posters to be put up at lunchtime on Monday and taken down Friday at the end of the day. We will supply materials to put your poster up.

Can I print my poster in Exeter?

Yes you can print your poster at the university. They ask for one day to make the poster but in my experience half a day is a common turn around. (If you are time stressed, then select the next available date and then email them to explain why you need it faster). Picking up the poster might be a little tricky given the schedule. If you need this service and are not sure how to pick up your poster please email us to discuss your situation.