The EPSRC Center for Predictive Modelling in Healthcare, which incorporates several members from the Centre for Systems, Dynamics and Control, is looking to appoint a number of research fellows and a scientific programmer. The deadline for this round of applications is 1st March 2016.

Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling of Excitable Dynamics

Based around the theme “construction and analysis of excitable dynamics in continuum systems”, the post holder will initially focus on the development of numerical and analytical reduction methods for approximation of dynamical phenomena in continuum models of excitable systems, working with Professors Vadim Biktashev and Peter Ashwin.

Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling of Clinical Electrophysiological Data

Based around the theme “mathematically modelling clinically relevant electrophysiological data”, the post holder will initially focus on the development and analysis of mathematical models that can explain the mechanisms underlying electrophysiological data acquired in clinical practice, such as EEG or ECG, working with Dr Marc Goodfellow and Professor Vadim Biktashev.

Research Fellow in Neuroendocrine Modelling and Analysis

Based around the theme “neuroendocrine systems modelling and analysis” the post holder will work on the development of multi-scale network models of endocrine axes and hormonal secretion and understanding the amplitude and timing of exogenous delivery of hormones, working with Professors Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova and John Terry.

Experimental Officer – Scientific Programmer

The post holder will  translate research quality codes into working prototypes suitable for use by end-users in healthcare (e.g. GPs, Clinicians and industry). In this regard, there is the need to communicate with both technical researchers and non-technical end-users, and to develop back-end HPC codes, as well as user-centric front-end GUIs.