We would like to invite all researchers in applied dynamical systems, from PhDs to faculty, to the Joint Exeter – Bristol applied dynamics meeting. The meeting will take place on 19th June 2023 (11:00-17:00) in Ocean Exmouth, Queen’s Drive, EX8 2AY, Exmouth. You can get to Exmouth with train from various stations in Exeter, or take Stagecoach 57 bus from Exeter. The venue is on the seafront opposite the beach and about 15 mins walk from the station.

The format will be an away day with short talks, posters, a buffet lunch and plenty of time for interaction and discussion.

  • 11:00 Welcome, introductions
  • 11:45 Short talks 1 and discussions
    • Dominic Dunstan (Exeter)
    • Stanislaw Biber (Bristol)
    • George Datseris (Exeter)
    • Ryan Palmer (Bristol)
    • Yang Liu (Exeter)
  • 12:30 Buffet lunch and posters
  • 13:30 Short talks 2 and discussion
    • Kyle Wedgwood (Exeter)
    • Edgardo Villar Sepulveda (Bristol)
    • Julian Newman (Exeter)
    • Jake Ahern (Bristol)
    • Saleh Alharthi (Exeter)
    • Tony Mulholland (Bristol)
  • 14:15 Short talks 3 and discussion
    • David Barton (Bristol)
    • Bo Tian (Exeter)
    • Zohar Neu (Bristol)
    • Sacha Sinet (Exeter)
    • Robert Szalai (Bristol)
    • Piotr Slowinski (Exeter)
  • 15:00 Break
  • 15:30 Scientific speed dating and wrap up
  • 17:00 End/beach/bowling/dinner

Those from Bristol – contact Stanislaw Biber <s.biber@bristol.ac.uk>

Those from Exeter – contact Piotr Slowinski <P.M.Slowinski@exeter.ac.uk>