What is Give 7 Cornwall?

Following the announcement of the G7 being hosted in Cornwall, Give 7 is a charity event, hosted and run by the Business School Cornwall, where students and staff undertake self set task/challenges orientated around the number 7, with the aim of raising money for charity.


What can people do to take part?

People can participate by:

  • Donating £7
  • Doing an activity 7 times.
    • Run/swim/walk seven days a week
    • Volunteer 7 hours in the community
    • Bake 7 Cakes, eat 7 cakes…
  • sharing the hashtag #Give7Cornwall

Who are we raising money for?

We are raising money for the RNLI and MIND Cornwall. These are two organisations close to the hearts of many at the university and are incredibly valuable across Cornwall.

We are hoping to raise an initial £250 with further target’s established if we smash our initial donation attempts.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/give7_cornwall/



Our GoFundMe page: www.gofundme.com/Give-7