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    Popular Magic Café: Follow Up

    Posted by Mark

    18 November 2020

    Missed the Popular Magic Cafe? Never worry, you can watch the discussion on YouTube, HERE

    There were so many fascinating questions, that Crystal and I decided to compile a reading list and a travelling list inspired by our conversation. Though we did take very different approaches to it: while Crystal presented a selection of rigorous academic texts, I was mostly motivated by the feeling of ‘Is this book fun? It sounds like it would be fun…’

    Find both our lists below, as well as some fascinating locations for your post-COVID travel plans.

    Crystal’s List:

    Champion, M., 2015. Medieval Graffiti: The Lost Voices of England’s Churches. Ebury Press.

    Easton, T., 2014. Portals of Protection. SPAB Winter, 53–57.

    Easton, T., 2012. Burning Issues. SPAB 44–47.

    French, K.L., 2001. The people of the parish: community life in a late medieval English diocese, The Middle Ages series. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Gardiner, M., 2007. Graffiti and their Use in Late Medieval England. Ruralia VI, 265–276.

    Graves, C.P., 1989. Social space in the English medieval parish church. Econ. Soc. 18, 297–322.

    Jones-Baker, D., 1993. English Mediaeval Graffiti and the Local Historian. Local Hist. 23, 4–19.

    Marks, R., 2004. Image and devotion in late Medieval England. Sutton, Stroud.

    Meeson, B., 2005. Ritual Marks and Graffiti Curiosities or Meaningful Symbols? Vernac. Archit. 36, 41–48.

    Oliver, J., Neal, T. (Eds.), 2010. Wild signs: graffiti in archaeology and history, BAR international series. Archaeopress, Oxford.

    Ovcharov, D., 1977. Ship Graffiti from Medieval Bulgaria. Int. J. Naut. Archaeol. Underw. Explor. 6, 59–61.

    Pacey, A., 2007. Medieval architectural drawing: English craftsmen’s methods and their later persistence (c. 1200 – 1700). Tempus, Stroud.

    Pritchard, V., 1967. English Medieval Graffiti. Cambridge University Press.


    Anna’s List:

    Various, 2019. Magic and Witchery in the Modern West: Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of ‘The Triumph of the Moon’, eds. Shai Feraro, Shai, Ethan Doyle White. Palgrave Macmillan.

    Various, 2017. Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and Modern Paganism, ed. Kathryn Rountree. Palgrave Macmillan.

    Various, ongoing. Folk Tales of Place. The History Press.[1]

    Bailey, R. N., 1996. England’s Earliest Sculptors. Toronto.

    Greenwood, S., 2005. The Nature of Magic. Routledge.

    Hutton, R., 1996. The Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain. OUP.

    Roud, S., 2004. A Pocket Guide to Superstition of the British Isles. Penguin.

    Hellebore zine:

    The Enquiring Eye journal:

    [1] This is a multi-volume project. Folk Tales are grouped by county or geographic location.



    Bunhill Fields, London


    Crossbones Graveyard, London


    St Vedast alias Foster, London


    St Margaret of Antioch Cowlinge, Suffolk


    St Clements, Rodel, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides


    Minster Church of St Mary, Stow in Lindsey, Lincolnshire


    Doon Hill, Aberfoyle


    Bradford on Avon Barn, Bradford-on-Avon


    Exeter Cathedral, Exeter, Devon


    Tarr Steps, Exmoor National Park, Somerset


    Minster Church, Boscastle, Cornwall


    Men-an-Tol, Penzance, Cornwall

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