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    Month: June 2021

    ​The Witch Studies Reader ​Call for Proposals

    Co-edited by Soma Chaudhuri and Jane Ward Deadline to submit a 500 to 750-word abstract: August 1st, 2021 “…we are calling for chapter proposals that illuminate how feminists can make sense of the witch—her power and her persecution—in ways that take account of the vastly different national, political-economic, and cultural contexts in which she is currently being claimed […]


    Bringing the Complete Book off the Page This is a love talisman from a book of lunar mansions, widely circulated in the medieval world. It is meant to be carved out of ebony, which is way beyond my skill, so I stained it ebony instead. I also did not inscribe it with the correct names, address it with the prescribed incantation, […]