Orchestral Theatre


Month: August 2023

Podcast episode: Adam Szabo

Adam Szabo is my guest for this episode. Adam is the chief executive and co-founder of Manchester Collective. Formed in 2016, Manchester Collective has become known for their experimental programming and daring collaborations. They play in concert halls, warehouses and factory spaces across Europe and the UK, performing a combination of cutting-edge contemporary music, core repertoire […]


Podcast episode: Yusuf Narcin

In this episode I speak with Yusuf Narcin, a bass trombonist, educator, and workshop leader, based in London. Yusuf works in a variety of genres, including jazz, folk, klezmer, and improvised music. Among the classical ensembles Yusuf plays with are Paraorchestra and Multi-Story Orchestra. Yusuf is also a member of the award-winning brass band/theatre troupe, Perhaps […]