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Undergraduate Philosophy of Psychedelics module:


Postgraduate Philosophy and Psychedelics module (code: PHLM013/PHLM014)

Convenors: Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes and Prof. Christine Hauskeller (with guest lecturers)
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Place: Byrne House Seminar Room, Ground Floor
Days and times: Thursdays, 2 – 4 pm
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The renewed and increasingly intensified study of psychedelic substances over the past decade has suddenly presented us with a set of new, apparently positive pathways covering psychiatry, pharmacology, neuroscience, and so too global politics concerning prohibition and liberty, ideology generally, and thus ethics. Beyond practical medicalization and its wake, psychedelic substances and their associated phenomenology can be viewed through a multiplicity of perspectives, an overview that itself has implications for the whole cultural turn concerning these substances.

In this module we consider this multiplicity of perspectives and their implications, using the tools and insights that philosophy can provide. As well as the ethical considerations aforementioned, we shall look at the phenomenology and philosophy of mind of psychedelic experience, the aesthetics, the debate between perennial and contextual interpretations of experience, with concern to indigenous and historical epistemics. We shall also consider the relation of psychedelics to religion, ‘self’, mysticism, and classic metaphysics, as well as current clinical practices, nature connectedness and ecology, and the future of the psychedelic endeavour.


WEEK 1: Introduction to Philosophy and Psychedelics
WEEK 2: Philosophy of Psychedelics and Mysticism
WEEK 3: Ethics of the Medicalization of Psychedelics
WEEK 4: The Self and Psychedelics
WEEK 5: Biopiracy and Epistemicide vis-à-vis Psychedelics
WEEK 7: Indigenous Cosmologies
WEEK 8: Gender and Psychedelics
WEEK 9: Cognitive Liberty and the Law vis-à-vis Psychedelics
WEEK 10: Nature Connectedness, Ecology, and Psychedelics
WEEK 11: Aesthetics and Psychedelics
WEEK 12: Open Doors