The Cornwall Research Team


♦ Professor Clare Saunders 

Clare is the Principal Investigator for the S4S project. Based in Cornwall at the Environment & Sustainability Institute on the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus, Clare’s main role within the College of Social Science and International Studies, SSIS is Professor of Politics. Committed to the subject areas that she works in, Clare has written published papers, articles and books including ‘Environmental Networks and Social Movement Theory’, published by Bloomsbury. Clare delivers teaching to undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students as well as continuing to write and work on other international collaborative research projects but finds time to enjoy playing music in a band and spending time with Mozart, her King Charles spaniel.

Dr Joanie Willett

Joanie is a lecturer in politics with the University of Exeter and is based in the Environment & Sustainability Institute on the Cornwall Campus. As Co-investigator for the S4S project Joanie is exploring emotions and feelings that clothing can evoke and how our relationships with clothes can affect what we choose to buy. In terms of consumers developing more sustainable purchasing behaviours, Joanie describes this as a “process that needs to be critically interrogated”. Away from academia, Joanie enjoys making, mending and re-purposing clothing, which she has done for most of her life and is fascinated by how these practices which were deemed as ‘uncool’ during the 80’s & 90’s have now actually become quite ‘hipster’.

♦ Irene Griffin

Irene is the Cornwall group Research Assistant based at the Environment & Sustainability Institute on the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus where she also works as a Technical Instructor for BA (Hons) Textile Design at Falmouth University who share the campus with Exeter. Throughout her ten years of teaching her specialisms of embroidery and colouration using natural plant dyes Irene has been committed to sharing and promoting the use of traditional textile crafts to create and embellish clothing. Liaising with other design institutions in Finland, Latvia, Gent and Salzburg has inspired Irene to pursue avenues of research that embeds sustainability in textile and fashion education.

Anya Barbieri

Anya Barbieri is the Cornwall group Associate Research Assistant. Working closely with the participant groups, Anya led the second workshop series, ‘Towards Zero Waste’ as expert consultant in knitting and crochet. In tandem with showing the film documentary ‘Unravel’ Anya shared her unique sustainable approach to using old knitwear for ‘unravelling and re-knitting’ into new items. Alongside hosting the participant wardrobe surveys Anya has seamlessly co-ordinated the remaining workshop series, ensuring that everyone has the optimum collective learning experience whilst also having a great time!

Nina Constable

Nina is the S4S project film maker and photographer. An established international documentary film and stills producer Nina has won awards for her accomplished and inspirational work. Nina works independently, immersing herself in the workshop environment with sensitivity and warmth that enables her to capture moments and moods that authentically reflect the both the personalities of both the subject and their activities. A keen surfer and globe-trotter, Nina’s zest for life has translated through her work and into the spirit of the S4S team.

S4S Cornwall Group ‘Behind the Scenes’

The S4S Cornwall group project academic team is also greatly supported by the assistance of administrators, PhD & undergraduate students, interns, catering and building management teams who are the unsung heroes & heroines all playing their part in helping project run as smoothly as possible. We would like to credit thanks to;

Jane channon – administrator

claire willis – administrator

keleigh burgess – bookings

louise misselbrook – marketing

mark plummer – building management

fx plus catering team

ayana douglas – undergraduate

Giuliano Formisano – undergraduate

Mateusz Radzisz – undergraduate

Maria da Penha – undergraduate

holly hick – undergraduate

Amina Ghezal – phd

manu pant – undergraduate

harri mclady – undergraduate