Cornwall Workshop Series 1. Fluff-To-Fibre


blue-faced leicester sheep – photo source © Breezy meadows farm


The Mill Tour

The aim of the Cornwall workshop series was to demonstrate to participants the journey of the manufacture of clothing from start to finish whilst sharing the skills required for each stage albeit in a simplified, ‘beginners’ way. This idea led to a pre – workshop tour of a local woollen mill to see how fleece is manufactured into yarn. The mill, called The Natural Fibre Company is based in Launceston, a North Cornish town and is owned and run by Sue Blacker who has a partner company called Blacker Yarns.









Following the launch of the workshop series with the Natural Fibre Company mill tour, the remaining 5 weeks took place in the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus home town of Penryn. Recorded in the Doomsday book, the small but important Cornish town celebrated it’s 800th anniversary in 2016 with a week long festival of events named ‘Kemeneth’.

Although neighbouring Falmouth eventually became the main trading port for the area, Penryn claims the original crown as marine trade centre with a fascinating, rich history of granite shipment to places all around the world which built cities such as New York!

Wishing to engage the wider local community and supporting venue partners, our chosen location for the Fluff-to-Fibre series was St Gluvias Community Hall. Linked to the local and ancient St Gluvias Church, located on the other side of Penryn harbour, the charming hall has recently been lovingly renovated and is home to a varied range of local group activities and classes ranging from Incredible Edible Penryn, the Olive Branch Community Café and regular ceilidh dances, youth drama groups, parties and all sorts of other events!


Week 1

An Introduction to Spinning






Week 2

An Introduction to Natural Dyes – 1






Week 3

An Introduction to Natural Dyes – 2








Week 4

An Introduction to Weaving – 1







Week 5

An Introduction to Weaving – 2


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