The Workshops



“It has definitely changed my perspective on clothing and value of every single thread.”

(Cornwall Participant)

In order to research how we can encourage people to THINK, FEEL and ACT more sustainably in relation to the clothes they buy and wear, we are running multiple series of workshops in both Cornwall and the West Midlands allowing our research participants to explore and learn clothing and fabric related skills.

From February to October 2018 we ran 4 sets practical workshops in each location.

The themes for the workshops were designed around the lifecycle of clothing:

Fluff to Fibre (Cornwall)

(De)Constructive/(Re)Constructive Knitting (Midlands)

Towards Zero Waste (Cornwall)

Vintage Pattern Cutting (Midlands)

Make-Do-and-Mend (Cornwall)

(In)Visible Mending ( Midlands)

Second-hand and Ethical (Cornwall)

Re-make, Re-purpose, Upcycle (Midlands)

To find out more about what’s been happening visit our CORNWALL and WEST MIDLANDS pages where you will find photos, videos, and participant blog entries so you can follow the S4S journey

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