The West Midlands Group Research Team


♦ Prof. Fiona Hackney

Dr Fiona Hackney FRSA Professor Fashion Theory, University of Wolverhampton. My research focuses on sustainable fashion, interwar women’s magazines, social design, design history, gender and design, crafting and critical making, amateur and participatory practice, material heritage, health and wellbeing. I head up the Material Theories & Practices research group in the Faculty of Art and teach critical theory for BA Fashion & Textiles and MA Design & Applied Arts students. I have recently published a co-edited a collection on interwar women’s magazines for Edinburgh University Press (2018) and am currently working on a monograph, Women’s Magazines and the Feminine Imagination: Opening Up a New World for Women in Interwar Britain (Bloomsbury 2019). I have contributed many articles and chapters to scholarly publications, and served as PI and Co-I on funded research projects (AHRC, HLF etc.). I am currently developing projects about sustainable fashion, heritage and fashion, women designers, and health and maker-spaces (wellmaking).;;;

Katie Hill – Research Assistant

R & A Collaborations – Film Makers

Images © R&A collaborations

arron fowler & richard foot


R&A Collaborations is a media company co- created by photographer Richard Foot and digital media artist Arron Fowler. Their team projects began with the Craft Council Uk’s ‘Power of Making’ Exhibition which launched their interest in working with arts based enterprises. R&A’s films focus on showcasing craft makers and practitioners through their activities, processes and artefacts. They invite public attention to their subject with their enigmatic and highly original filming and editing methods which combine video and stop motion animation to produce material evocative of early cinema. Driven by the desire to articulate the rationale of the creative practitioner through their products and outputs, they aim to ‘tell the stories’ behind the art in order to translate the experience to the audience.