Summer school trip: Lake Como School of Complex Networks

Iraklis and I recently attended the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies summer school on Complex Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications.

The school featured a number of talks from prominent scholars in the field of complex networks. These sessions included both theoretical backgrounds and methodologies, as well as a number of experimental examples and real world applications of network science. During the Wednesday afternoon session, many students, including myself, presented on their recent work. This provided a really valuable opportunity to share new insights into the cutting-edge research taking place in universities across the world.

Beyond the academic benefit of a week’s study, we got to spend the week enjoying the weather of a Mediterranean spring whilst exploring the beautiful town of Como, situated in the foothills of the Alps.

Lake view.
The view from the lecture theatre at Lake Como.

Thanks to the speakers to the speakers for their interesting sessions, the other students for their excellent company and our funders for covering the costs. I really enjoyed my time at the school and look forward to putting some of the ideas I picked up to good use in the future.