New Research and Innovation blog post: Data Science for Climate Resilience in East Africa

Rudy and Josh have been working with TIST, an international network of small groups of farmers who plant trees.

The University of Exeter’s IDSAI, and Global Systems Institute are working with TIST to quantify and understand TIST’s impacts at landscape scales and on multiple sustainable development goals. We held a meeting at Exeter with farmers involved in TIST to outline a project which could help TIST’s growth and efficacy. Using TIST’s observations, remote sensing and fieldwork we are assessing carbon capture, regreening, vegetation resilience, soil health and biodiversity impacts. Additionally, thanks to a grant from the Turing Institute, we have also been able to analyse TIST’s organisational data to study how factors like female participation and engagement with cluster meetings affect tree planting.

To find out more about their work, you can read the full post on the Research and Innovation blog.