Our group

You can find out more about us and our current work using the links below.

Hywel Williams Principal Investigator
Rudy Arthur Lecturer in Data Science
Chris Boulton Research Fellow
Anais Ollagnier Research Fellow
Iain Weaver Research Fellow
Josh Buxton PhD student
Tristan Cann PhD student
Iraklis Moutidis PhD student
Arwen Nicholson PhD student
Michelle Spruce PhD student
Kathie Treen PhD student

Former members

Steve Beckett 2011-2015 Georgia Institute of Technology
Carmel Kent 2016-2017 Arden University
Matt Williams 2016-2017 Adarga Ltd
Sophie Cowie 2017-2018
Sarah Menezes 2018-2018
Nick Walding 2015-2019