This list provides some information about some of our larger ongoing projects. Click the headers for more information.

Social Sensing

This ESRC funded project seeks to explore the potential of using social media data to identify real-world events. The goal is to develop a social sensing prototype focusing on pollen, pollution, asthma and hayfever and their implications for public health. Public Health England, the Met Office and Asthma UK are external partners involved in this collaboration.

Hayfever tweet heatmap
Occurrence of hayfever tweets over London


The ExpoNet project is funded by ESRC and is developing tools to measure and model information exposure in dynamic networks. New patterns of content exposure and dissemination are constantly recognised by mainstream media but their structural dynamics and development are not widely understood. These models will incorporate features from both traditional and social media in an attempt to improve understanding and prediction of communications in modern society.

NERC BigFoot

Given the potential for damage to infrastructure and personal property from windstorms, understanding their footprint is important for insurers and infrastructure providers. Currently, meteorological observations and numerical weather models are used to estimate affected areas. This NERC funded project will improve the spatial resolution of the estimates by making use of less structured datasets containing amateur weather observations, social media conversations and CCTV footage.