BP 1 – An Agency in Evolution:

A collection of all United Nations General Assembly Resolutions concerning the Middle East:

UNRWA General Fund Programme Budget 2020-2021:

United Nations Voting Records:

UNRWA Strategy & Policy:

UNRWA Donor Charts:

BP 2 – The US and UNRWA

UNRWA’s Annual Donors and Funding Breakdowns:

US-UNRWA Cooperation Frameworks 2009-2017:

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BP 3 – UNRWA and WHO

World Health Assembly 73rd session:

WHO Basic Documents:

WHO Corporate Brochure:

UNRWA Who We Are:

UNRWA General Fund Programme Budget 2020-2021:

BP 4 – Comparing UNRWA to INGOs

World Vision information bank:

Save the Children Reports:

Oxfam Annual reports:

UNRWA Reports:

BP 5 – Criticisms 1 – UNRWA Perpetuates the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies:

Middle East Quarterly:

BP 6 – Criticisms 2 – UNRWA the Pacifier?

Brown, N. J. , Time to Rethink, But Not Abandon, International Aid to Palestinians. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. (2018):

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BP 7 – UNRWA and the Arab Gulf States

UNRWA’s Annual Donors and Funding Breakdowns:

Lamis El-Sharqawy, ‘The Gulf Reconsiders UNRWA’, Ahram Online, 9th February 2021,

Reuters Staff, ‘UAE halts funding to UN Palestinian Agency in ‘reset’ of aid programme’, Reuters, February 8th 2021,

BP 8 – UNRWA as a Small-Sized State: Comparison with Lesotho and Eritrea

World Bank data on Eritrea and Lesotho: 

For data on demography:

IMF report on selected economic data for Eritrea and Lesotho: Report for Selected Countries and Subjects (

Lesotho Bureau of Statistics reports: BOS Publications

2020/21 Mid-Term Budget Review from the parliament of Lesotho: 2020/21 MID-TERM BUDGET REVIEW (