Science and storytelling: Glacier Shallap – Or the Sad Tale of a Dying Glacier

What happens when climate science merges with storytelling? A recent film from the Trans.MISSION series that has just launched online, Glacier Shallap – Or the Sad Tale of a Dying Glacier, explores this question.

In the video, storytelling is combined with science to reflect on the importance of the Glacier Shallap in Peru.

Our research team in the NERC-AHRC Colombia BioResilience project are taking a similar approach. Through a series of workshops and writing exercises, we are working with a Colombian storyteller to consider science from a different story-based perspective to communicate science to the public. The results of this work will be presented at Hay Festival in Cartagena on the 30-Jan-2020. Stay tuned for the forthcoming video by creative writer Juan  Cárdenas and BioResilience researchers.

Below is the video from the Glacier Shallap storytelling:



Text: Ted Feldpausch

Photos and video: Trans.MISSION