BioResilience – Colombia

Forest ecology

This research examines forest degradation and response to environmental change, fire, management, and ecosystem services. Research spans precipitation gradients, from dry to wet tropical forests, elevation gradients, from lowland forest to high Andean forest, and transformation gradients, from structurally intact forests with no recent history of fire to logged and fire degraded forests to silvopastoral systems. To evaluate drivers of change in forests across gradients, we are installing and recensusing trees in permanent forest plots to assess forest composition, carbon storage, and plant functional traits. For soils, we are determining soil physicochemical properties, carbon storage, pyrogenic carbon, and fire history based on charcoal analysis. We are using remote sensing approaches to evaluate change over time and space and scale results from permanent forest plots to the landscape. If you would like to work with us and make use of BioResilience data, please read and agree to the data-sharing code of conduct and complete the data request form.