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    In Vivo Raman Probes

    Raman Needle probe
    Raman endoscopic Probe

    We have developed two devices for in vivo use: an endoscopic probe that fits down the endoscope instrument channel, and a needle probe for targeting tissue through the skin.

    Endoscopic Probe

    A miniature confocal probe has been designed to measure the surface of the oesophagus in vivo.

    The device is currently undergoing trials on human patients at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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    Needle Probe

    By fixing optical fibres inside a hypodermic needle, we can acquire Raman spectra of tissues inside the human body and avoid the current standard of invasive surgery to obtain a biopsy from the patient. This “optical biopsy” allows for faster recovery times and an instant diagnosis. Typically, conventional biopsies are sent away for histopathological analysis, which can take time and add to patient anxiety. Conventional analysis of the stained, excised sections is performed by pathologists. They often struggle to identify early-stage tumours and results are subjective.

    Raman spectroscopy has been shown to identify and distinguish between lymphomas and metastasises ex vitro, and we aim to develop a commercial probe to perform this in vivo.