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Virtual Emergent Constraints and Tipping Points Workshop (23rd-26th November 2020)

Posted by pashwin

8 November 2020

The aim of this virtual collaborative workshop is to bring together Climate Scientists, Mathematicians and Ecologists to answer key questions around the relationships between the variability and sensitivity of the Earth System and its subcomponents. The first part of this workshop (16:00-19:00 GMT, 23rd – 24th November) will discuss proposed emergent constraints on future projections, many of which are based-on assumed relationships between sensitivity and variability. The second part of the workshop (14:00-17:00 GMT, 25th – 26th November) will examine potential climate tipping points, in both observational data and climate model projections. A key issue will be to discuss possible precursors of tipping points, which are also related to changes in system sensitivity and variability. The aim of this workshop is to identify research priorities for new work on climate tipping points and emergent constraints, and to promote cross-fertilization of mathematical ideas between these two important emerging topics in climate science.

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Peter Cox, Paul Ritchie, Mark Williamson (University of Exeter)

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