Rethinking ‘the Hegel-Marx Problem’

Wednesday 12 June 2024 – 12.00-2.30, Knightley Building, Board Room

Organized by Centre for Political Thought and Global China Research Centre 

Professor ZHANG Shuangli

Dean School of Philosophy, University of Fudan, Shanghai

Zhang Shuangli is a Professor of Philosophy at the School of Philosophy, Fudan University, China. Her main areas of research are Marxist Philosophy, Western Marxism (especially Georg Lukacs and Ernst Bloch), and Critical Theory. In the recent several years, she has especially explored the Marx-Hegel relationship and has published a series of articles on this topic, including the chapter on “Marx and Hegel” in The Oxford Handbook of Hegel (Oxford University Press, ed. Dean Moyar, 2017).


Under the background of the contemporary multi-dimensional crisis of the neo-liberal capitalism, the inherent contradictory nature of the modern complex society has become one of the main themes for social and political philosophy. Within this context, to rethink Hegel and Marx’s critical insights about the inherent problems with modern civilization is helpful not only for us to grasp the deep structural problems with the modern complex society, but also to inquire further about the new possible solutions to these structural difficulties.