• Di-Facto

    Digital Facilitation in Primary Care

    Information for Public

    Our project aims to support NHS patients and carers in their use of online services. This page is about how we are engaging patients and carers in our research.

    How are we using surveys to engage the public?

    We are using surveys to ask NHS patients and carers about their experience of existing digital facilitation services that their GP surgeries offer. We are also interviewing a number of patients and staff of GP surgeries to help understand potential benefits and challenges associated with different approaches being used to promote internet based services.

    Patient and Public Involvement

    Our patient advisory group has significant input in a number of key stages – discussing potential impacts of digital facilitation in the review, ensuring the right questions are asked in the survey, giving input into the design of patient facing documents in the case study, interpreting case study findings, discussing the results of the project as a whole, and ensuring dissemination is understandable and engaging.

    Advisory Board

    Our oversight committee consists of voting members, and individuals from the study team. Usually there are significant risks in clinical trials but our advisory board are here to ensure that what is arranged to happen is happening, giving insight to the team from an outside perspective.

    Research Findings

    When we bring our research findings together, resources for NHS patients and careers will be posted on our resources page.