Thinking about applying for an RLI Award? Hear from two of last year’s recipients below about how RLI funding helped to support networking activities and provided opportunities for reflecting on and developing organisational skills!

Recipient: Dr. Benjamin Gardner, Research Fellow in Physics and Astronomy

Award activity: CEMPS Early Career Researcher Network: Continuation Fund

The RLI award helped us to kick-start our peer network, to get us focussed on the issues that matter, and to modify the way we operated to make it more sustainable and more valuable for its members. I also learnt a number of personal lessons, such as my strengths (e.g., creativity) and weaknesses (e.g., reluctance to delegate). If I had my time over I would do things differently, but I’d definitely want to be supported by an RLI award again!

Recipient: Dr. Tristan Snowsill, Research Fellow in Medicine

Award activity: Institute of Health Research PGR/ECR Peer Network Away Day

Receiving a Research Led Initiative (RLI) award has been a great benefit as it has allowed the creation and maintenance of an early career researcher network (ECRN) in CEMPS, a supportive community of early career researchers. This has allowed a number of events to be run over the past few years that benefit PhD students and early career research staff. A consequence of this has been to give a voice to early career staff directly to the head of CEMPS, as well as affecting change in other committees. The RLI award was also an important stepping stone in the process of getting permanent funding for the ECRN.

Don’t forget – get your application in before Friday 13th January at 5pm! For more information, please visit the Researcher Development website.