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Statistical Methods Community of Practice

Who are we?

We are a European wide network of academic and industry researchers interested in the development and application of statistical methods to understand:

• Patterns of multimorbidity across the life course;
• The underlying causes of multimorbidity;
• The consequences of multimorbidity;
• The optimal treatment of those with multimorbidity

The group is chaired by Professor Jack Bowden (University of Exeter & GEMINI consortium) and Dr Ruth Bowyer (Kings College London & Alan Turing Institute). We meet bi-monthly on Zoom, providing the opportunity for group members to present their latest research findings and make new connections and collaborative links.

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We are a cross-collaborative community of researchers spanning a wide geographical spread.

We meet every 2 months to discuss statistical methods relevant to Multimorbidity.

Meeting Presentations

March 2024 Meeting

Presentation: “Considering frailty in the management of cardiovascular disease in older adults: potential applications of routine healthcare data to tailor management”

Presented by: Dr Oliver Todd

Meeting: 20 March 2024

January 2024 Meeting

Presentation: “Evaluating patient (dis)similarity in the context of cluster analysis for phenotype discovery”
Presented by: Maria Pikoula
Meeting: 10 January 2024

November 2023

Early Career Researcher Lightning Talk Session: 29 November 2023

Dr Rose Penfold, University of Edinburgh: Multimorbidity, Delirium and Outcomes: Harnessing Routine Clinical Data at Scale

Dr Sam Moss, Imperial College London: Assessing causal relationships between idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and type 2 diabetes

Guillermo Romero Moreno, University of Edinburgh: Bayesian inference techniques for the analysis of associations between morbidities

Dr Neave Corcoran, University of Glasgow: Quantifying cost and quality of life trajectories in multimorbidity development

May 2023 Meeting

Presentation: “Multimorbidity Patterns in Older Irish Adults”
Presented by: Dr Belinda Hernández
Meeting: 31 May 2023


February 2023 Meeting

Presentation 1: “MR-AHC: A fast, efficient and robust method for two-sample summary data Mendelian Randomization based on Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering”
Presented by: Dr Xiaoran Liang

Presentation 2: “The association between multi-morbidity and mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic: an explanatory study using 8 British longitudinal studies”
Presented by: Dr Jacques Wels

Meeting: 22 February 2023

October 2022 Meeting

Lucía Amalia Carrasco Ribelles

‘Dynamics of multimorbidity and frailty, and their contribution to mortality, nursing home, and home care need in a Catalan primary care cohort of ageing people.’

June 2022 Meeting

Dr Ninon Mounier

‘Going from genetic correlation to casuation in multimorbidity research using Mendolean Randomization.’

March 2022 Meeting

Dr Rhiannon K Owen

‘Modelling trajectories of disease in multi-morbidity using population-level linked electronic health records.’

January 2022 meeting

Dr Heinz Freisling

‘The combined impact of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and cardiometabolic comorbidities on cancer risk and survival among cancer survivors: the PaCoCanS project.’

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