Last week we hosted two year 12 students, Holly and Rebecca for their work experience placement. Both are really interested in studying climate science at university and wanted to find out more about the kind of research we do and the options open to them. They had a packed week and managed to talk to several GSI researchers about all the fascinating research going on across a wide range of projects.

“I honestly had no idea that this work experience placement would be as impactful on me as it has been. From the first day we were greeted by friendly faces, all eager to show us and tell us about the work going on at the GSI. Every single person I met and talked with had such passion and extensive knowledge on different aspects of the climate crisis. I have been inspired in more ways than I could ever imagine. It has given me insight into a career in climate science and everyone gave me helpful advice on career paths and further education. I loved hearing about everyone’s research projects, from PHD students to professors, everyone explained their work to me in a way that challenged my thinking but also conveyed it to me comprehensively. I am incredibly grateful to the entire GSI team!”

Rebecca Lyons

“Throughout the week, I found work experience at the GSI very interesting because it was diverse. Everyone was very friendly and nice to us, especially considering they took time out of their schedules to speak to us. I enjoyed speaking to so many different people and finding out how they got to that point in their career, especially considering that no ones’ career path was the same. I found listening to Lucy Rowland and her PhD students talk about the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil very interesting, especially the projects that they are working on there. I found sitting in on the range of lectures useful to help me to broaden what I wish to study in the future, helping to me to realise the many different ways that I can go into climate change. There was not one bit of the week that I did not enjoy, making the week a very positive experience on the whole. Thank you very much to everyone who looked after and spoke to us that week.”

Holly Neaves