Researched and Written by Maddie Williamson, student at the University of Exeter 

Everyone understands the importance of accurate and reliable information. For many years now, Wikipedia has been one of the best ways to access this; with the help of a world-wide community of volunteers Wikipedia is constantly updated and edited to show new information, developments and discoveries happening all over the world. What is stopping you from joining in? Since the new year, the GSI, in collaboration with Wikimedia UK, has been hosting monthly Editathons in collaboration both online and in-person on campus where you can learn how to edit on Wikipedia and make changes to climate change related articles!

Wikipedia is currently one of the biggest sources of information on climate change and with over 22 billion reads every month, it is crucial that the articles on climate change and environmental issues are showing accurate and reliable data and information. Unfortunately, more often than not, climate change is a topic that is marred with inaccuracies and misinformation. Empower yourself by helping to make a positive impact on such an important issue. Whether you improve the readability of an article, add in some new references or just correct a couple spelling errors, joining us at the Editahon events at the GSI means that you are aiding the climate change activism movement.

Please note that no prior knowledge of editing on Wikipedia is necessary since you will learn all the skills you need at the events. Come join us for some editing and an opportunity for networking and learning new writing and reviewing skills at the same time! Check out this ‘Introduction to Wikipedia’ here: to get a headstart